Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2014

We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. And as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one—desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for six years now, and we are very thankful to all designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month.


Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2014

Seven Answers Conversion Optimizers Want to Know

Have you been to Bucharest?

I hadn’t until last week, and I have to say, I loved it!

The GPeC eCommerce Summit organizers invited me to keynote at their 500+ attendee conference and, due to popular demand, I also did a workshop the following day with 200+ registrants.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of content, merchants and technology environment there. They’re also a very warm, inviting and open community of marketers. If you get a chance, I totally recommend checking out Romania on your next European vacation.

During the event, one of the organizers, Raluca Georgescu, interviewed me and asked me seven very insightful questions that you might find interesting.

In this 8 minute interview, we discuss:

  1. Why should conversion optimization not be approached as a project?
  2. What are typical mistakes online shops make?
  3. What are the best types of tips for conversion optimization?
  4. At which stage of the conversion funnel should marketers focus their effort if they have limited resources?
  5. How should you prioritize optimization?
  6. How is the conversion optimization process for mobile different?
  7. What trends will online marketers benefit from this year? Social media, content marketing? (Where I reveal the biggest content marketing problem and opportunity)

Take 8 min to check it out.

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Seven Answers Conversion Optimizers Want to Know


Are You Prepared Against A Russian Hack?

“Danger: malware ahead!” and “This website may harm your computer” are the two sentences that I hate most and that I don’t want any of my clients to see when they open their website. If you have seen any of them on your own website, then I’ll bet you still remember your panic attack and how you struggled to get your website up and running ASAP.
Many great articles show how to prevent a website from being hacked.

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Are You Prepared Against A Russian Hack?

The Mystery Of The jQuery Object: A Basic Introduction

Have you ever come across a bit of JavaScript like $(“.cta”).click(function(){}) and thought, “What the $(‘#x’) is that” If it looks like gibberish to you, then please read on. If you think that snippet of code couldn’t possibly be real, then please browse some jQuery examples. They are full of such constructions.
This article covers the key concepts that underly such intimidating fragments of code, but we’ll start with a longer example, based on a simple example of animating a square.


The Mystery Of The jQuery Object: A Basic Introduction

Streamlining Mobile Interactions

The mobile web is a harsh environment: mobile processors are slower than their desktop counterparts; network connectivity is flaky; bandwidth is low; latency is high; and touchscreen keyboards are slow. The best mobile web applications are the ones that excel at handling these challenges.
For desktop users, we’ll focus on interactions that take a longer amount of time and effort.
In this article, we’ll look at four core ways to streamline mobile interactions:

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Streamlining Mobile Interactions

50 Colorful Flat Summer Icons [Freebie]

For those of you who are impatiently waiting for summer to finally arrive, we’re pleased to feature an icon set that will help make the wait worthwhile. Today’s icon set includes 50 icons that have been designed by Elena Genova exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. [Links checked February/02/2017]

A quick preview of the “Summer” and “Essentials” icon set.
If you’ve been looking for a way to welcome summer and freshen up your designs with even more colors, then this freebie will not disappoint you.

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50 Colorful Flat Summer Icons [Freebie]


An A/B Test That Will Shatter Your Notions About Privacy Policies

The most exciting A/B tests are the ones which bust myths, defy general best practices and make the jaw drop.


The following case study is in the league of such intuition-defying A/B tests.

Test Information
The Solution For Diabetes
Category: Health
Goal: Sign-ups
Conversation Rate: -24%

The Company, as the name suggests, is a website that offers natural remedies for reversing diabetes.

Among the various solutions it offers is a free downloadable e-book on ways to control Type 2 diabetes.

The Goal

The website had a landing page for the e-book with an opt-in box asking for visitors’ e-mail address. Here’s how the landing page originally looked.


The Test

Martin Malmberg of wanted to see if adding a line about respecting the privacy of the visitors would affect the sign-ups. So he used Visual Website Optimizer to set up a simple A/B test. He created a variation which had the text — “We respect your privacy” — just below the call to action (CTA) button.


A/B Test Result

Martin’s hunch was correct. Adding the text about privacy did affect the conversions — but surprisingly negatively! The version with the privacy text registered a 24.41% drop in conversions! The test was run for over a month with the original recording a 99% chance to beat the variation.

Comparison image

What really happened here?

You might be wondering what really happened here. Using any kind of trust indicator or copy that addresses visitors’ fears is usually considered a best practice. And why not? According to a survey, 36% online customers consider ‘identity fraud’ as their most prominent worry.

Then why did adding “We respect your privacy” right below the call to action (CTA) button decrease conversions in this case?

Possible reasons why the Variation failed

1) The privacy text introduced fear

When asked why he thought the variation failed, Martin said, “I guess people started to worry about spam and privacy concerns after reading such a text. Whereas, the thought doesn’t even enter their heads without that text. So, at least in my niche, with my traffic sources, it seems best not to use such a text, even when worded positively.”

So instead of assuaging visitors’ apprehensions, the text had a counteractive effect as it instilled the seeds of distrust and worry in the minds of visitors.

ContentVerve ran similar privacy policy experiments on a sign-up form last year. In one of the experiments, it was found that the version with a privacy policy saying “100% privacy – We will never spam you” decreased sign-ups by 18% when pitted against a version with no privacy text.

2) The text acts as a distraction

This is just an extension of the first point. The privacy text right below the CTA might have been distracting visitors and took the focus away from the offer. It’s usually considered a good practice to keep the landing page as focused on the offer as possible.

Your views

Why do you think the version with the privacy policy failed? We would love to hear your views.

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An A/B Test That Will Shatter Your Notions About Privacy Policies

Love Generating SVG With JavaScript? Move It To The Server!

I hope that by now, in 2014, there is no need to explain why SVG is a blessing to developers who want to ensure that their graphics look sharp on all devices, especially with their huge diversity of resolutions.
But just like any other technology, SVG has its limitations. And in this article, we’ll talk about how to bypass some of them.
Further Reading on SmashingMag: The Math Behind JavaScript Animations The Illusion Of Life: An SVG Animation Case Study Generating SVG With React A Few Different Ways To Use SVG Sprites In Animation What’s The Problem?

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Love Generating SVG With JavaScript? Move It To The Server!

Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools: Webflow, Edge Reflow, Macaw

To prepare for a talk about the changing roles of designers and developers, given at HOW Interactive a few months back, I interviewed 20+ web shops. Validated by my own experience, I found that many of them faced challenges fitting responsive design into their workflow, and the role of most web designers had changed to include coding in some form or another.
At least half of the designers knew HTML and CSS well but wanted a more visual way to get at it.

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Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools: Webflow, Edge Reflow, Macaw

An Introduction To Node.js And MongoDB

Node.js is a rapidly growing technology that has been overtaking the world of server-side programming with surprising speed. MongoDB is a technology that’s revolutionizing database usage. Together, the two tools are a potent combination, thanks to the fact that they both employ JavaScript and JSON.
At first glance, coming to grips with Node.js and MongoDB can seem both time-consuming and painful. Read on to learn how to wield these tools quickly and easily.


An Introduction To Node.js And MongoDB