Drunk User Reviews VWO: Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool

When was the last time you conducted a usability test (what?) and the reviewer began this way:

I have a lot of tequila in my hand, which is pretty cool.

A good two years ago, Will Dayble, UI and UX expert, told the world “Great UI isn’t there.” The user should feel no friction, and be able to use the website as if there is no boundary between them and the website. But Will also realized that this was easier said than done. So he suggested a way out — design websites like they were meant for drunk users.

Drunk User is a Lot Like The Average User

Inebriated people are distracted, emotional and childish. Also, they really, really don’t care what your site is supposed to do. If they don’t understand your site, they leave. The bottom-line? If even a drunk user can comfortably use your website, the average user is going to find it easy as well.

The only question was, how could you ever tell?

Earlier this year, Richard Littauer, a front-end developer and UX designer, decided to take a bullet for the world of UX. He’d get piss drunk and review websites. Lo and behold, TheUserIsDrunk.com is born. We were thrilled!

Paras, our CEO, wasted no time in paying Richard to get himself wasted and do his thing.

Richard Littauer got himself lots of beer, tequila and VWO. He finished the review and sent us the screen recording.

Here’s a look at how it played out, start to finish, broken down in to 5 different segments with a little time-line to guide you along.

Time Zero: User is Wasted

User is Druser

Signing Up – 1 Minute and 4 Seconds

Signing Up

Smart Code Installation – 1 Minute and 11 Seconds

Installing the Code

First Campaign – 1 Minute and 11 Seconds

First Campaign

The Fumble – 1 Minute and 45 Seconds

The Fumble

Finishing Up – 10 Seconds

The Finish

So, How Easy Is The World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool?

Here’s what we found most interesting: from his first look at the homepage to making his first A/B test live on VWO, Richard — a drunk user — took exactly 7 minutes and 3 seconds. Let me put that in perspective: with VWO, the average Joe can get done with an A/B test in the same time it would take a user to read a good online post.

Whether you know javascript or jacks***, using VWO to set up a basic test is a breeze.Tweet: Whether you know javascript or jacks***, using VWO to set up a basic test is a breeze! @VWO http://ctt.ec/55R96+

Go on, sign up here for a 30-day trial, create your first test and make it live! Tell us how fast you are able to do it ;) ..but, I digress.

Would You Get A Drunk User To Review Your Website?

All the fun aside, Richard’s review was incredibly useful to us. It revealed a couple of places that we could improve upon. But it does sound weird, even outright crazy.  It comes down to this, is a drunk user a good approximation of the average user?

What’d you say? Tell us below in the comments section.

And if you do think so, would you have a drunk user review your site?

Fire away @VWO (use #vwoblog) or, let’s keep it private @SharanTheSuresh.

Have a great day people!

Richard, on the VWO Experience (a brief transcript)

..It’s so cool. This is actually..that was incredibly quick..

I feel like I’m getting this really quickly. Like, I think the flow is pretty quick. I messed up a couple of times, probably because I’m mildly inebriated.

So I think I’m doing okay.. and I think your site is well done..and I’m surprised how easy that was. I always thought A/B testing was a total ****ing bitch. It’s really annoying.

That was really easy. You made that easy, which is like a total win for you guys.

Because, I’m drinking Tequila.

Well done!

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Drunk User Reviews VWO: Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool

Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool: Drunk User Reviews VWO

When was the last time you conducted a usability test (what?) and the reviewer began this way:

I have a lot of tequila in my hand, which is pretty cool.

A good two years back, Will Dayble, UI and UX expert, told the world “Great UI isn’t there.” The user should feel no friction, and be able to use the website as if there is no boundary between them and the website. But Will also realized that this was easier said than done. So he suggested a way out — design websites like they were meant for drunk users.

Drunk User is a Lot Like The Average User

Inebriated people are distracted, emotional and childish. Also, they really, really don’t care what your site is supposed to do. If they don’t understand your site, they leave. The bottom-line? If even a drunk user can comfortably use your website, the average user is going to find it easy as well.

The only question was, how could you ever tell?

Earlier this year, Richard Littauer, a front-end developer and UX designer, decided to take a bullet for the world of UX. He’d get piss drunk and review websites. Lo and behold, TheUserIsDrunk.com is born. We were thrilled!

Paras, our CEO, wasted no time in paying Richard to get himself wasted and do his thing.

Richard Littauer got himself lots of beer, tequila and VWO. He finished the review and sent us the screen recording.

Here’s a look at how it played out, start to finish, broken down in to 5 different segments with a little time-line to guide you along.

Time Zero: User is Wasted

User is Druser

Signing Up – 1 Minute and 4 Seconds

Signing Up

Smart Code Installation – 1 Minute and 11 Seconds

Installing the Code

First Campaign – 1 Minute and 11 Seconds

First Campaign

The Fumble – 1 Minute and 45 Seconds

The Fumble

Finishing Up – 10 Seconds

The Finish

So, How Easy Is The World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool?

Here’s what we found most interesting: from his first look at the homepage to making his first A/B test live on VWO, Richard — a drunk user — took exactly 7 minutes and 3 seconds. Let me put that in perspective: with VWO, the average Joe can get done with an A/B test in the same time it would take a user to read a good online post.

Whether you know javascript or jacks***, using VWO to set up a basic test is a breeze.Tweet: Whether you know javascript or jacks***, using VWO to set up a basic test is a breeze! @VWO http://ctt.ec/55R96+

Go on, sign up here for a 30-day trial, create your first test and make it live! Tell us how fast you are able to do it ;) ..but, I digress.

Would You Get A Drunk User To Review Your Website?

All the fun aside, Richard’s review was incredibly useful to us. It revealed a couple of places that we could improve upon. But it does sound weird, even outright crazy.  It comes down to this, is a drunk user a good approximation of the average user?

What’d you say? Tell us below in the comments section.

And if you do think so, would you have a drunk user review your site?

Fire away @VWO (use #vwoblog) or, let’s keep it private @SharanTheSuresh.

Have a great day people!

Richard, on the VWO Experience (a brief transcript)

..It’s so cool. This is actually..that was incredibly quick..

I feel like I’m getting this really quickly. Like, I think the flow is pretty quick. I messed up a couple of times, probably because I’m mildly inebriated.

So I think I’m doing okay.. and I think your site is well done..and I’m surprised how easy that was. I always thought A/B testing was a total ****ing bitch. It’s really annoying.

That was really easy. You made that easy, which is like a total win for you guys.

Because, I’m drinking Tequila.

Well done!

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Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool: Drunk User Reviews VWO


Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool: Drunk Review of VWO

When was the last time you conducted a usability test (what?) and the reviewer began this way:

I have a lot of tequila in my hand, which is pretty cool.

A good two years back, Will Dayble, UI and UX expert, told the world “Great UI isn’t there.” A user should feel no friction, and be able to use the website as if there is no boundary between them and the website. More importantly, Will realized that this was easier said than done. So, he suggested a way out — design websites like they were meant for drunk users.

Drunk User is a Lot Like The Average User

Inebriated people are distracted, emotional and childish. Also, they really, really don’t care what your site is supposed to do. If they don’t understand your site, they leave. The bottom-line? If even a drunk user can comfortably use your website, the average user is going to find it easy as well.

The only question was, how could you ever tell?

Earlier this year, Richard Littauer, a front-end developer and UX designer, decided to take a bullet for the world of UX. He’d get piss drunk and review websites. Lo and behold, TheUserIsDrunk.com is born. We were thrilled!

Paras, our CEO, wasted no time in paying Richard to get himself wasted and do his thing.

Richard Littauer got himself lots of beer, tequila and VWO. He finished the review and sent us the screen recording.

Here’s a look at how it played out, start to finish, broken down in to 5 different segments with a little time-line to guide you along.

Time Zero: User is Wasted

User is Druser

Signing Up – 1 Minute and 4 Seconds

Signing Up

Smart Code Installation – 1 Minute and 11 Seconds

Installing the Code

First Campaign – 1 Minute and 11 Seconds

First Campaign

The Fumble – 1 Minute and 45 Seconds

The Fumble

Finishing Up – 10 Seconds

The Finish

So, How Easy Is The World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool?

Here’s what we found most interesting: from his first look at the homepage to making his first A/B test live on VWO, Richard — a drunk user — took exactly 7 minutes and 3 seconds. Let me put that in perspective for you: With VWO, the average Joe can get done with an A/B test in the same time it would take a user to read a great online post.

That is to say, whether you know javascript or jackshit, using VWO to set up a basic test is a breeze.

Go on, sign up here for a 30-day trial, create your first test and make it live! Tell us how fast you are able to do it (wink wink).

Would You Get A Drunk Usability Test Done?

All the fun aside, Richard’s review was incredibly useful to us. It revealed a couple of places that we could improve upon. But it still sounds weird, even outright crazy. It all comes down to this, is a drunk user a good approximation of the average user? What do you think?

Tell us below in the comments section.

And if you do think so, would you have a drunk user review your site?

Fire away @VWO (use #vwoblog) or, let’s keep it private @SharanTheSuresh.

Have a great day people!

Richard, on the VWO Experience (a brief transcript)

..It’s so cool. This is actually..that was incredibly quick..

I feel like I’m getting this really quickly. Like, I think the flow is pretty quick. I messed up a couple of times, probably because I’m mildly inebriated.

So I think I’m doing okay.. and I think your site is well done..and I’m surprised how easy that was. I always thought A/B testing was a total ****ing bitch. It’s really annoying.

That was really easy. You made that easy, which is like a total win for you guys.

Because, I’m drinking Tequila.

Well done!

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Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool: Drunk Review of VWO

The Rise of the Live-Demo Homepage

The days of the long-form homepage are over! Or they might be anyway…

In the past few days I’ve noticed a trend being adopted, or at least being tested, by several different sites. Specifically, the format involves encouraging visitors to try their software immediately, on the homepage, without the need to create a demo account.

In case you’re thinking “I know a site that’s been using that format for years,” don’t feel the need to rush down to the comments to point that fact out (but please do share the sites with us!); I’m not saying that this format is brand new, only that I’ve noticed more sites trying it out recently.

The Rise of the Live-Demo Homepage
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A new breed of homepage 

The live-demo format might seem like the natural culmination of using a demo video on the homepage, but there is another step between the two. For an example, check out MailChimp‘s homepage:

mailchimp homepage demo

You’ll see a clever little animation (that looks like a GIF but isn’t!) demonstrating the software. Contrast this with a competitor like AWeber, which doesn’t offer so much as a glance at the software, and it’s easy to see why newcomers to email marketing with no technical know-how might opt for MailChimp.

The next logical step is to offer a working demo of the software/service that the site provides, which is exactly what GeoRiot does. This page allows visitors to preview the functionality of their product without the need to sign up or enter any details.

georiot homepage live demo

In doing so GeoRiot removes, or at least delays, a barrier to entry. This has one very obvious advantage, and one that may not be so obvious:

  1. It demonstrates the power and ease of use of the software
  2. It improves the quality of leads

That second point may need some elaboration. Often, potential users or customers will sign up for a trial or a free account “just to see what it does.”

Trying to follow up with these leads can be fruitful sometimes, but doing so effectively requires a lot of manpower and a good degree of salesmanship. Unless you have measures in place to record how much, and how often, people are using their free trial/demo account, it can be difficult to separate uncommitted leads from those who are actually likely to convert.

If you’re curious about whether or not a live-demo homepage might work for you, you could always link to a demo account from elsewhere and measure the traffic/number of logins it receives. This is what PaperCut has done:

papercut live demo

But what’s wrong with the long-form homepage?

There’s an argument to be made that the traditional format of the long-form homepage is based on erroneous thinking. The top of the page generally looks like this:

This is what we do
This is how it will help your business

Or, if you prefer a real-word example, something like:

Powerful, easy to use photo-editing software
Professional quality results in a matter of minutes

Headlines like this are nice for SEO purposes, but they’re also built on the idea that this is the first time a website visitor has ever encountered the brand. Unless that visitor finds websites by entering random strings of words followed by a .com, .co.uk or .org, that’s not the case.

The nature of the introduction varies—a website visitor may be enticed by the meta description after searching for, in the case of the above, ‘easy photo-editing software,’ or they may have seen it recommended on Twitter or read about it in an article in a magazine.

But the point remains that when someone visits a website, they aren’t looking to find out what a company does. They’re looking to find out how it does it, i.e., what sets it apart from competitors they may have used, how it can make their life easier, etc.

kissmetrics live demo homepage

I believe it’s this issue that the live-demo homepage is trying to address.

This is also reflected in the copy on such pages, which tends to take a slightly different approach—example headlines from live-demo homepages include What’s making your visitors leave? and The insights you need to optimize your marketing, and they don’t spell out exactly what the product in question does.

Instead, they assume at least a basic understanding of this, and focus on the problem it solves.

Potential issues with the live-demo homepage

While it represents an exciting approach to the role of a homepage, the live-demo format is far from perfect.

At the time of writing, CrazyEgg is experimenting with this homepage:

crazyegg google signup test

However, while the process above speeds up the registration process, it doesn’t actually allow the user to try out the software before inputting payment details.

In cases where software providers require payment details to be entered before users can start using the software or don’t offer a free trial, the live-demo homepage format isn’t likely to be suitable.

And there a couple of other disadvantages to the live-demo homepage too.

By nature, it tends to be quite minimalist—it doesn’t make a lot of sense to encourage visitors to test out the software then write about all of its features, because it pulls the reader in two directions and fails to present a clear call to action. As a result, there’s no opportunity to use compelling benefit-based copy to persuade visitors that you’re their best solution.

Additionally, some technical know-how is required. Creating a live-demo homepage will require anything from using API calls to linking a dedicated demo account to the page itself. While that’s not likely to be a problem, if you’re the owner of a SaaS product, it might be an issue if you make software primarily designed to be used offline.

Either way, implementing it will cut into development time because, unfortunately, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to whip up in VWO or Optimizely to test against your current homepage!

When might this format be appropriate?

As I’ve just covered above, this format won’t be suitable for everyone. There are a couple of closely linked circumstances, though, in which I think it could have some real mileage:

  1. An overstretched sales and/or support team
  2. An influx of poor quality or unsuitable leads

If you have trouble with one or both of the above, it suggests that potential customers aren’t finding the information they need on your site and are signing up for a free trial in the hopes of answering their questions.

While there are other ways to deal with this, a live-demo homepage is certainly one way of addressing the problem.

Bottom Line

Although it’s far from ubiquitous, the live-demo homepage speaks to the fact that consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing things in action and getting hands-on experience very quickly.

The long-form page is far from dead in the water, but increased use of the live-demo format suggests that it may be a contender for its successor!

Have you noticed this trend? Share sites you’ve seen using the live-demo hompage in the comments.

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The Rise of the Live-Demo Homepage

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: May 2015

We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork, and as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one—desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for seven years now1, and we are very thankful to all designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month.

This post features free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for May 2015. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your wallpaper!

Please note that:

  • All images can be clicked on and lead to the preview of the wallpaper,
  • You can feature your work in our magazine2 by taking part in our Desktop Wallpaper Calendars series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?

Cruel Life

Designed by Elise Vanoorbeek (Doud Design)3 from Belgium.

Cruel Life4

Welcome May With An Ice Cream!

“May is the last month of spring, the weather is getting hotter everyday and it starts to feel almost like summer… So, the best thing to cool ourselves and bring summer closer is to… welcome May with an ice cream!” — Designed by WebOlution40 from Greece.

Welcome May With An Ice Cream!41

Welcome Summer!

“Welcome Summer! It’s time to have some fun outside!” — Designed by Design1983 from Romania.

Welcome Summer!84

Are You Experienced?

Are You Experienced, the debut studio album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience was released in May 1967. This was my inspiration to design the wallpaper.” — Designed by Marcelo Henrique138 from Brasil.

Are You Experienced?139

May The Force Be With You

“Yoda is my favorite Star Wars character and “may” has funny double meaning.” — Designed by Antun Hirsman177 from Croatia.

May The Force Be With You178

I’ll Always Guide You

“Moms are always there to guide us. My mom loves elephants so I wanted to draw something to show my love for her.” — Designed by Maria Keller196 from Mexico.

I’ll Always Guide You197

MAYbe A Ride?

Designed by Iquadart249 from Belarus.

MAYbe A Ride?250

Ship Ahoy

“This design is inspired by the elegance and glamour of the art deco age. It celebrates the 175 years of Cunard shipping, the most famous cruise line of them all.” — Designed by Oculus272 from England.

Ship Ahoy273

May Is Here!

Designed by Nathalie Ouederni297 from France.

May Is Here!298

Field Wild Flowers

“Springtime festival celebrated with May blossoms.” — Designed by Richard George Davis316 from South Africa.

Field Wild Flowers317

Flower Island

“My inspiration for this wallpaper was the photo I took in the beautiful butterfly garden in Mainau island.” — Designed by Zlatina Petrova365 from Bulgaria.

Flower Island366

Enjoy May!

“Springtime, especially Maytime is my favorite time of the year. And I like Popsicles – so it’s obvious isn’t it?” — Designed by Steffen Weiß416 from Germany.

Enjoy May!417

Make A Wish

Designed by Julia Versinina459 from Chicago, USA.

Make A Wish460

A Flying Donkey

“Maybe sometimes we have seen a black cloud, but certainly a flying donkey has covered it…” — Designed by Verónica Valenzuela500 from Spain.

A Flying Donkey501


“Each month, one word helps me keep my creative juices flowing.” — Designed by Bill Mead521 from the United States.


Sun Is Shining!

Designed by Dragana Ogarevic564 from Serbia.

Sun Is Shining!565

A Mom’s Hug

“‘What is a mom but the sunshine of our days and the north star of our nights?’ — Robert Brault” — Designed by Corina Moscu577 from Romania, Bucharest.

A Mom’s Hug578

Join In Next Month!

Please note that we respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

A big thank you to all designers for their participation. Join in next month612!

What’s Your Favorite?

What’s your favorite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comment section below.



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  45. 45 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/cal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-cal-640×960.jpg
  46. 46 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/cal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-cal-800×480.jpg
  47. 47 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/cal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-cal-800×600.jpg
  48. 48 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/cal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-cal-1024×1024.jpg
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  63. 63 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-320×480.jpg
  64. 64 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-640×480.jpg
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  75. 75 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-1366×768.jpg
  76. 76 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-1440×900.jpg
  77. 77 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-1680×1050.jpg
  78. 78 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-1920×1080.jpg
  79. 79 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-1920×1200.jpg
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  82. 82 http://files.smashingmagazine.com/wallpapers/may-15/welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream/nocal/may-15-welcome-may-with-an-ice-cream-nocal-2560×1600.jpg
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Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: May 2015


Build a Killer Conversion Strategy with Nothing but Time and Empathy

Clear Your Calendar
You don’t need to hire an expensive CRO team to do great work. Just be ready to clear your calendar.

Conversion rate optimization is about different things to different people. For some, it’s simply about haphazardly changing elements on a page until people click more, and then it’s optimized! High fives all around!

You should not listen to those people.

If you want to build a real CRO strategy, based on sustainable optimization practices that will help you build a long-term business, ask the real experts. The ones who have staked their reputations and their livelihoods on their CRO knowledge.

This past April 9th, those experts came together to create over 24 hours of free programming, and over 10,000 people attended online and in-person events throughout the world.

We called it CRO Day. Well, we actually called it 2015 International Conversion Rate Optimization Day, but that didn’t fit into a hashtag.

With so many of the world’s top conversion minds sharing their techniques with the world, we thought this the perfect time to distill their wisdom into a punchy blog post!

Read on to learn what pros like Joanna Wiebe, Brian Massey, Talia Wolf and others think is crucial to building a killer CRO strategy that won’t just get you more clicks, but give you a better understanding of your customers.

If you don’t have the money, you’ll have to make the time

Joanna Wiebe and Brian Massey
Joanna Wiebe and Brian Massey, pictured at Call to Action Conference 2014

In their Ask Me Anything About CRO session, Joanna and Brian were asked what they felt the proper budget for a CRO team was. Their answer was instant and simultaneous:

One million dollars.

Okay, great. If you have a million dollars to spend on CRO, hit these two up.

On the off-chance that you don’t, you can work out a rough budget by multiplying the value of your conversions by a reasonable, estimated increase. Brian explained:

If I increase things by 10%, what is my annual increase in profit? That gives you an idea of what the upside is. So if you say, we could make $200,000 more with a 10% increase, yeah, I’m willing to spend $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 on conversion optimization.

If you can quantify the business impact that will come with increased conversions, you’ll have a better idea of just how much you should invest in CRO.

But how do you make CRO work on a small or non-existent budget? Joanna has some choice advice:

Take the budget that you have and apply it to learning. If you don’t have a lot of money, you have to have time. You don’t get to have no money and no time.

Thankfully, there are tons of free resources available that will help you become a CRO expert. (Like the over 24-hours of freely available content that was recorded during CRO day.)

And as Brian went on to elaborate, there are various free or inexpensive tools for analytics, click-tracking, session-tracking and conversion testing that become incredibly powerful once you’ve mastered the CRO basics.

If you can’t invest in a CRO team, spend your time learning to be a team of one.
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For the biggest conversion wins, test content over style

One of the most common CRO anecdotes is that changing the button color will increase your conversions, from anywhere between 5% and 100-billion-percent, depending on who’s telling the story.

It’s true that visual elements like button colors and background images can make measurable differences, but you’re not likely to see a huge impact from just fiddling with graphics. At least, that’s according to Ben Hunt, author of Convert!.

Ben HuntDuring his When CRO Goes Wrong webinar, he presented the results of 50 A/B tests he had run on both his own site and his clients’ sites, and broke down the differences in impact between style changes, content changes and changes that included both.

Ben Hunt's Graph
Comparing 50 A/B tests he had run, Ben realized that content changes far outperformed stylistic ones.

What he found was that purely stylistic changes tended to impact a page’s conversion rate by a mere 5%, and that he’s never reached a double-digit impact with stylistic changes alone.

Color, graphics, typography — does it matter? Yes, a little bit. But look at the content changes. They are typically between 5 and 20% — that’s the normal range when you’re changing content — and generally positive.

When someone comes to your site, they’re looking for real answers to a problem that they can’t solve on their own. Your content — be it copy, video, or informational graphics — is what’s going to provide those answers. So test it and perfect it.

This isn’t to say that strong design isn’t critical to having high-performing landing pages. But if you start by perfecting your message, you can then move on to create a design that supports it.

And that’s a surefire way to generate bigger wins with less effort.

To win big conversion boosts, test and perfect your message, not your color palette.
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Always be testing! No, seriously, do it

Once you’ve tested and discovered elements that perform well, it can be tempting to apply them all across your site and then move on something shiny and new.

While you shouldn’t necessarily spend all of your time iterating on basic elements, you should continue to explore new ideas for every element of your marketing campaigns. After all, the web is always changing, and so is your audience.

Adam AvramescuIf anyone knows about page optimization, it would be Adam Avramescu, head of education at Optimizely. He’s designed an experimental framework to help ensure that you are always learning from your tests, which he presented in a webinar entitled How To Create High-Converting Marketing Experiences with CCD and A/B Testing, which also included our own Oli Gardner.


Adam’s framework is a cyclical process, with the final step leading back to the first. Let’s break down each step:

  • Determine the conversions to improve based on the KPIs that matter to your business (like your existing conversions, traffic, or revenue)
  • Form a hypothesis on how the conversion rate could be improved
  • Identify the variables — elements on your site — that can be adjusted to fulfill your hypothesis, and how they must be adjusted to do so
  • Run the experiment — an A/B or multivariate test — and wait patiently until you have enough conversions to be confident in the result
  • Measure the results and, based on what you can glean from them, decide which conversions you should improve next

As Adam says:

Optimization is a journey, not a destination. If testing is something you’re doing once, you’re leaving money on the table. Instead of testing one thing once, test everything, all of the time.

Hypothesize, test, learn and iterate — and do it all over again. Forever.
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Learn from your losers

Talia WolfIn the Top 5 Obstacles in CRO & How to Overcome Them Hangout, Talia Wolf of Conversioner reminded us that the the purpose of running optimization tests isn’t solely about increasing your conversion rate — it’s about learning from your experiments.

The whole idea of conversion optimization is not just to increase your conversion rate, per se. You want to be able to scale it and learn from the results of your tests. …

When you’re doing CRO the right way and you build hypotheses, and you have a strategy for each test, you are then able to understand the results — fail or win — because they are about your customer.

Bryan EisenbergWhat does it mean for your tests to be “about your customer”? Bryan Eisenberg of Market Motive suggests that instead of being in the business of selling your products, you should be in the business of helping your customers buy them:

Missed clicks, bounced visits and missed conversions are failures. When we throw ads up there and people don’t click, it means that we missed our targets. We didn’t understand them. When they click and they bounce right off, we didn’t satisfy them.

If they go through and they browse several pages but don’t convert, we didn’t help them buy. We didn’t answer all of their objections, answer all the questions they have in order to feel confident in purchasing from us.

Reframing failure not as a failure to convince, but as a failure to adequately address the concerns and needs of our audience will allow you to understand not just went wrong with a losing variant, but why.

Conversion failures are a failure to understand your audience.
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Play the long game

Conversion rate optimization isn’t about short-sighted “hacks” to get people to click a button that does whatever. If you approach it from that perspective, you might see some short-term gains, but you’ll fail to attract the very best customers for your business. And who are they? These are the questions Joanna recommends you ask yourself:

Who is most likely to buy your product, use it, be happy with it, tell their friends and then come back for more? … Does your value prop resonate with your ideal customer so strongly that they are absolutely willing to part with their money to get what you got?

CRO is a process that you have to invest in. And not just money or your time, but your intellect and your heart. Doing so is what has made the above experts so renowned for their work.

We’re only able to scratch the surface here, but if you want access to the 24+ hours of recordings from CRO Day, head over to the CRO Day website. It’ll take a while to get through everything, so consider starting with the events mentioned in this article. Trust us — it’s worth the time investment.

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Build a Killer Conversion Strategy with Nothing but Time and Empathy


What To Do When Your Audience Is On The WRONG Platform

You’ve been hearing a lot about email lists.

That’s because we marketers love conversions, and email lists are the highest converting platform available. Email users convert at a higher rate than social followers or organic search users, for a number of both obvious and more complex reasons.

But perhaps, you’re sitting there with a 50k-user Facebook following or a high-traffic website, and your audience just isn’t converting.

Your friend with a 500-person email list is making more revenue from his relatively small list than you are from your sizable audience.

You hate to admit it, but it seems like you picked the WRONG platform.

A friend of mine has a 450k fan base on Facebook but makes hardly any revenue from his page. A popular speaker came to me with several million earned in physical book sales and speaking fees, but again, negligible online revenue. A media network owner with 20+ million impressions per month asked me about how to start converting his traffic, because every affiliate offer he’d offered failed miserably.

Now, there are certainly strategies each of these individuals can use to more effectively engage with their audience as-is. But there’s only so much they can do.

Put simply, they built large audiences on the wrong platform.

Fortunately, there’s good news! An audience on the wrong platform is much better than no audience at all.

In fact, a good sized chunk of your existing audience can be converted into a high-converting email list without destroying what you’ve already built.

Here’s a number of ways to make that happen.

What To Do When Your Audience Is On The WRONG Platform
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1. Ask For Emails

Wow. That wasn’t very creative.

You’d be amazed at how many people I’ve worked with on this exact process who never even bothered to ask for emails.

Have you?

If not, do it right now. If you run a website, start optimizing your website for email collection. Ask visitors to subscribe, whether it’s in your sidebar, a popup, a slide-in box, or even at the end of your posts.

If your audience is primarily based on social media, ask your followers to subscribe and make it super easy for them to do so. You can even get creative with how you ask.

For example, if your audience loves quotes with intriguing image backgrounds, turn one of those into a subscription request.


People eat this stuff up. Trust me. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

2. Offer Your Audience Something They Want

Once you’ve asked your audience to convert over to your email list, you’ll end up with X% of subscribers. Unfortunately,

X = A Small Number

To increase that number, you should offer your audience something they want. This is typically known as an “optin bribe.”

There are two major myths about optin bribes floating around right now, so I’m going to address them really quick.

Myth #1 = People want free stuff.

In a world where free offers abound, few people are interested in something simply because it’s free. And here’s the kicker: the people simply looking to accumulate free stuff are never going to buy anything from you anyway.

People want great stuff that they like — for free.

Let me repeat that. They don’t want free stuff. They want stuff that they like, free.

I hate to break this to you, but no one is that interested in your PDF on pest control tips. What they might be interested in is a step-by-step DIY manual on eliminating termites form their home, a free inspection/consult in exchange for their email, or a 40% discount on their first engagement with your business.

There is a lot of useless stuff being offered for free, and people wonder why no one is biting.

Give people what they already want. And if you don’t know what that is, ask them!

Myth #2 = Optin bribes are dead.

This is the other myth I see floating around the blogosphere.

“The optin bribe is dead!”

As I mentioned before, everyone has a free offer these days. Here’s one from HubSpot.

how to grow your email list

Would you download this?

If you’re new to marketing, or if this was the first offer you found on the subject, maybe you would.

But 90% of you have already seen 101 free offers on building your email list, and a lot of them had much more compelling titles than “How To Grow You Email List”.

This little free ebook seems rather generic and uninteresting for a site’s optin bribe.

Ready for the surprise twist?

This actually isn’t “HubSpot’s optin bribe.” It’s their optin bribe for a single blog post.

I checked around on other articles in their Marketing category and guess what, the only place I could find this offer was on their article titled “Why Purchasing Email Lists Is Always A Bad Idea“.

Click on the next suggested article, a little piece on the importance of grammar, and we see an entirely new offer.

content upgrades build your email list

What is HubSpot doing here?

Remember how we just talked about giving people stuff they actually want? Well, that’s exactly what HubSpot is doing.

So you’re reading an article on email marketing? Here’s a How-To guide to growing your list.

Reading about how grammar affects marketing? Here’s a free guide to writing specifically for marketers.

This is a technique referred to as Content Upgrades. Instead of having a single optin bribe, you create optin bribes for specific pieces of content — and it works brilliantly.

The optin bribe isn’t dead. It’s simply evolved.

3. Host A Giveaway

A well-promoted giveaway is one of the best possible ways to grow your list fast, particularly with a social audience.

Here’s why.

Social followers have already given you a “Yes.” At some point, they clicked “Like” or “Follow” or something similar to indicate interest in your brand.

By offering them something highly valuable from your brand for free, you can get that second yes — their email address — fairly easily.

There are a couple keys to running a giveaway, however, that you really don’t want to get wrong.

  1. Offer something awe inspiring – the prize needs to be really valuable to drum up enough interest.
  2. Get the word out – you need to call in all your favors and pound the pavement to get the word out.
  3. Reward entrants for spreading the word – user odds should increase with each entrant they refer.

To do #1 right, it should cost you something, and it should sound epic.

A great example was a giveaway from Bryan Harris: “Win LeadPages For A Decade.” That’s pretty epic sounding, and guess what, to buy that on your own, it would have cost you around $3,000 at the time.

Bryan also nailed number #2 by getting LeadPages and a host of relevant parties to share his giveaway with their subscribers. This involves some hustle, but it’s worth the effort.

Finally, Bryan hit #3 by using KingSumo Giveaways to run his content. This app gives entrants the ability to increase their odds of winning by referring new entrants, incentivizing your audience to grow itself for you.

The end result was over 2,000 subscribers in just 10 days. Pretty good.

And if you already have an audience, albeit on the wrong platform, this strategy is your perfect tool to convert users to your new platform — the email list.

A Platform That Converts

If your platform was converting well, you wouldn’t be here.

If, on the other hand, you’ve found your conversions to be a bit lacking, it might be time to start building a new platform that works. Or spending more time on your existing email list.

Start by asking. Offer something your audience wants. Host a giveaway.

You won’t get everyone on your list, but you’ll be surprised at how much better a much smaller email list will convert than your massive social following or traffic figures.

Read other Crazy Egg articles by Jacob McMillen.

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What To Do When Your Audience Is On The WRONG Platform


Design Principles: Compositional Flow And Rhythm

When someone lands on a page of your site what do you want that person to do? Where do you want them to look? What information do you want your visitors to notice and in what order?

Ideally, you want people to see your most important information first and your next most important information second. You want potential customers to see the copy that will convince them to buy before they see the “Buy Now” button. You want people to be presented with the right information at the right time, and one way to do that is to control the flow of your composition1.

Compositional flow determines how the eye is led through a design: where it looks first, where it looks next, where the eye pauses, and how long it stays.

Note: This is the sixth post in a series on design principles. You can find the first five posts in the series here:

Design Patterns: Flow In The Absence Of Design

A couple of articles back in this series I talked about visual direction7 and I mentioned Rudolph Arnheim’s structural net. You should read that post for details, but the general idea is that in a rectangular canvas the center and the four corners of the canvas act as magnets to pull the eye. Along with these natural focal points, there are axes running between them and your eye moves along them from focal point to focal point.

Arnheim’s structural net is not the only pattern that suggests where and how the eye naturally moves through a composition. The Gutenberg diagram, the F-pattern layout, and Z-pattern layout all suggest how a viewer’s eye will move and they assume a natural flow to a design.

Note: These patterns are described for languages that are read left to right. Adjust for other reading directions.

The Gutenberg diagram8
The Gutenberg diagram. (View large version9)

  • Gutenberg diagram: In this pattern the eye generally sweeps from the top-left to the bottom-right, passing through Arnheim’s optical center. Less attention is paid to the other corners which are called fallow areas. Since the eye movesto the right as it moves down, the top-right corner is a strong fallow area, while the bottom-left corner is mostly ignored.
  • F-pattern layout: In this pattern the eye starts in the top-left and moves across the page to the right before moving down a little and repeating the movement across the page. The general pattern follows the shape of the letter F.
  • Z-pattern layout: The eye starts in the top-left and moves right. At the top-right corner it moves down and to the left in a diagonal before moving once again to the right. Overall it follows the shape of the letter Z and repeats the pattern down the page until it reaches the bottom-right.

I’m sure you’ve seen eye tracking studies and discussions of the above patterns before. What rarely gets mentioned is how these patterns describe text-heavy pages10. They describe how our eye moves through columns of text.

The F-pattern is often mentioned in combination with search results pages. Why is that? It’s because search results pages are text-heavy pages presented as lists of bite-sized information to scan. An F-pattern is a natural way to scan these pages.

Reading patterns on text-heavy and design-light pages often follow an F or Z path11
Reading patterns on text-heavy and design-light pages often follow an F or Z path. (View large version12)

Add hierarchy, direction, movement and rhythm, and the flow through your design won’t follow the patterns above. The patterns fall away in the presence of design.

They’re still useful because you can take advantage of the patterns and place important information where the eye would naturally fall to increase the visual prominence of the information. You can take advantage of these natural patterns, but do understand they describe text-heavy pages only.

A viewer’s eye will move through a composition in some way regardless of whether or not you control the movement. You might as well control the movement.

Compositional Flow

You might have seen the word “storytelling” appear more and more often in discussions about design and conversion optimization. Compositional flow can help you tell your story by presenting information in the right order.

Flow is about movement and direction, and leading the eye from one part of a composition to another in the direction you want it to move. You create flow through a combination of visual weight and visual direction.

Elements of greater visual weight (focal points) pull the eye and become resting places. Other elements impart direction and move your eye from one point to another through visual cues such as arrows and lines.

Flow starts with your dominant element, which should be the entry point into your composition. From there you provide directional cues for the eye to follow through your design.

The most obvious directional cue is an arrow pointing at something. An image of a face looking in one direction is another strong and easy directional cue. Others include.

  • Repetition of elements
  • Rhythm
  • Implied action
  • Diagonal lines
  • Gestural lines
  • Directional lines
  • Perspective
  • Subject matter of elements
  • Gradation

You’ll notice lines feature in the list above. Showing direction is one of the primary characteristics of lines. Lines can also be used to cut off motion in one direction by being perpendicular to that motion. When this happens they act as barriers, stopping or possibly reversing the path the eye was following.

Create direction and movement through the items mentioned above. Add elements that serve as barriers to change the direction the eye is moving. Create open paths in empty space to allow easy movement through and between your positive design elements.

Flow And Harmony

On a micro level you want the path the eye follows to align well with whatever action you want someone to take. For example, it makes sense to place the button to search after the form field, because the natural process is to fill in the field and then click the button. Placing the button first would move your visitor in one direction until the end, when they have to move all the way back to the start.

Two search forms illustrating inconsistent and consistent compositional flow.13
Compositional flow in search forms. (View large version14)

It makes more sense to have arrows point to the thing you want someone to look at instead of away from that thing. You’re creating flow even when the arrows point away, but not a flow that makes any sense to achieve the goals of the site.

An arrow pointing away from text, creating inconsistent flow; and an arrowing pointing toward text, creating consistent flow.15
Arrows should point where you want the eye to look. (View large version16)


Movement is closely related to direction. Motion implies a direction and direction implies movement. If you want someone to look to the right, one way is to have something on the page move to the right. The eye will follow it.

There are several types of movement.

  • Literal (physical) movement: occurs when some physical activity is present.
  • Static movement: occurs when the eye jumps around from point to point in the hierarchy.
  • Compositional movement: occurs when design elements lead the viewer’s eye from one point to another through a composition.

Animation can be used to create literal movement on the page. Dominance, focal points and hierarchy create static movement. When elements that impart direction and movement are added between focal points you create compositional flow.

The same list of directional cues I presented earlier are used to show movement through a composition.


Rhythm can help control the pace of flow in a composition; it’s patterned movement. Rhythmic patterns are built from elements and the intervals between them, and just as your ear will follow along with the rhythm of a song, your eye will follow rhythm created visually.

A pattern and a rhythm will exist as soon as you add multiple elements to the page. Two of anything implies a structure. It’s going to be there no matter what you do so, again, you should learn to control it.

Repetition creates flow and rhythm through the repeated elements. When the eye sees a red circle it notices other red circles in the composition and seeks to establish a pattern. In addition to repetition you can use alternation and gradation to create rhythm.

  • Repetition: creates patterns through predictability.
  • Alternation: creates patterns through contrasting pairs.
  • Gradation: creates patterns through a progression of regular steps.

Rhythm is created both through the elements the eye follows and the intervals between them. Changes to either alter the pattern. Variations in the pattern add interest. Emphasis of something in the pattern can break the rhythm and pause the flow momentarily.

There are three primary types of rhythm:

  • Regular rhythm: occurs when the intervals between elements are predictable, or the elements themselves are similar in size and length. Placing repeating elements at regular intervals would be an example.
  • Flowing rhythm: occurs when the elements or intervals are organic. This creates natural patterns that evoke a feeling of organic movement. Stripes on a tiger or zebra are good examples.
  • Progressive rhythm: occurs when the sequence of forms or shapes is shown through progressive steps. Some characteristics of elements might have stepped changes, or the interval might have stepped changes. This gradual increase or decrease in sequence creates movement. A color gradient is a good example.
A field of flowers exhibits a flowing rhythm17
A field of flowers exhibits a flowing rhythm. (View large version18)

Any of the above types of rhythm can be used to create movement and compositional flow. Which you would choose depends on the specifics of your design: if the design is trying to communicate consistency, a regular rhythm is probably best; if the design is trying to communicate something more natural and organic, a flowing rhythm would likely be preferred.

Flow And Gestalt

The further along we get in this series, the more gestalt principles contribute to the design principles we’re looking at.

Dominance and focal points create areas in your design that pull the eye. Similarity and contrast are used to create pattern and rhythm.

All the gestalt principles that connect or show commonality among elements will help lead the eye from one element in the group to the others.

Uniform connectedness leads the eye through the thing that connects the elements. Elements with a common fate appear to move in the same direction carrying the eye along with them. The principle of continuation is specifically about continuing to move in one direction.


Let’s take a look at screenshots from a few sites and think about how their designs flow and move, and what kind of rhythm they might have.

As I’ve mentioned previously in the series, this is my opinion. You might look at these same screenshots and see a different flow and rhythm than I do. That’s fine. It’s more important for both of us to think critically about the designs we see than it is for us to agree about what we think.


When I look at the Dorigati home page19 my eye is quickly drawn to the hero image of wine barrels at the top of the page. It doesn’t take long to be pulled from here to focal points like the site logo and the image of the wine bottle to the right.

Screenshot of the Dorigati.it home page20
Screenshot of the Dorigati.it home page. (View large version21)

There’s a strong implied diagonal flow between the logo and bottle, and your eye likely flows back and forth between them. Think how quickly that connects the company name with the products the site offers.

The curve at the bottom of the logo appears to point downward leading your eye to the name of the wine being presented. Notice that the heading to the left and the name of the wine are the same blue and similar to the blue in the logo. The repetition of color creates a rhythm and flow through all three items.

The rhythm of color is used again with the gold headings down the page and the decorative flourishes to the left. A similar color is used for the dates. While the interval can vary depending on the length of the text in each entry, it’s fairly predictable and a regular rhythm.

The wine bottle also serves to connect the header with the main content, creating a vertical flow through the hero image and serving as a bridge across it. Without the image of the wine bottle it requires more effort for your eye to cross the horizontal lines that create barriers to movement.

Dress Responsively

There’s a strong horizontal flow at the top of the Dress Responsively home page22. The navigation and text both lead your eye horizontally and make it very easy to scan left and right across the header.

Screenshot from the home page of the Dress Responsively website23
Screenshot from the home page of the Dress Responsively website. (View large version24)

My eye tends to start with the “YOU DECIDE” text and easily moves right and left where it can take in the logo, navigation, and the remaining text in the header.

Notice at the end of “YOU DECIDE” your eye is also pulled down. There’s a repetition of rectangular and orange shapes that creates a vertical rhythm. The shape of the “WTH?” button is echoed in the mostly rectangular “548 votes” shape and the “SEE DETAILS” button below the text. This vertical flow is strengthened by a strong vertical line that’s created by aligning the left edge of these shapes with the text between them.

The orange color repeats itself as text in both the header and also further down the page (not shown in the screenshot). Having encountered the color repetition at the top of the page, your eye follows it down the page increasing the vertical flow.

Incredible Types

The header of the Incredible Types home page25 also has a horizontal flow due to the shape of the lines and block of text. The light grid lines create a subtle pull down and also create a regular rhythm horizontally across the page.

Screenshot from the home page of the Incredible Types website26
Screenshot from the home page of the Incredible Types website. (View large version27)

Below the header is a grid of images. Notice how the gutters (both horizontal and vertical) between images provide a channel for your eye to move through. They help your eye flow from image to image in either direction. They also create a regular rhythm in both directions.

Screenshot of the footer from the home page of the Incredible Types website28
Screenshot of the footer from the home page of the Incredible Types website. (View large version29)

In the footer, text is grouped into two rows and four columns once again creating both horizontal and vertical flow and rhythm. I think the horizontal flow stronger than the vertical and so my eye tends to move left and right more than up and down, but the flow exists in both directions.

Love & Luxe

The Events page on the Love &Luxe site30 is another design that shows both horizontal and vertical flow.

Screenshot from an interior page of the Love & Luxe website31
Screenshot from an interior page of the Love & Luxe website. (View large version32)

The pink in the left column draws my eye and creates vertical flow through its shape. Note how the site name is rotated so it too creates a vertical flow. The contrast in color with the menu next to it creates a strong vertical line where the two meet.

The text at the bottom of this column repeats, creating a vertical rhythm as you read one block then the one below it. However, the horizontal nature of the lines changes the flow to horizontal and moves your eye to the right.

The dark background behind the current menu items creates an even stronger horizontal flow because your eye is drawn to the contrast. The triangle it displays at its top-right corner points to the right.

On the right, in the main content, the color and size of the dates creates a regular vertical rhythm through repetition. The screenshot only shows two of these, but they continue further down the page. The pink headlines work to reinforce the rhythm created by the repeating blue dates.

The horizontal lines between each entry stop the vertical flow momentarily, keeping you in each entry a little longer. The rhythm of the repeating colors in the dates and headlines pulls you further down the page once you’re ready to cross the horizontal line and move to another entry.

The images naturally change with each entry, but the one in this screenshot directs your eye down and to the left diagonally.


You have a lot of control over where people look when they’re viewing a webpage you’ve designed. On a text-heavy and graphic-light page, a visitor’s eye likely follows something like a Z-pattern or F-pattern across and down the page.

However, as soon as you design page elements and add graphics, those patterns no longer apply. Your visitor’s eye will follow the flow, movement and rhythm you create.

Think about the priority of the information you’re communicating. Think if it would be more useful when seen in a specific order. Think about where on the page you want someone to look first, second, and third.

Then create visual cues to lead them through the page in the order you think best. Add a line for someone to follow, or create one by aligning various elements. Repeat a color or text size to create a rhythm for the eye to follow. Present images of moving objects to direct the eye.

Don’t leave it to a default pattern to lead your visitor’s eye. Create compositional flow through the page and lead them yourself.

There’s one last topic I want to share with you in this series on design principles, and that’s balance. I’ll talk about compositional balance in general and then walk you through the four different types of balance (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial and mosaic) you can create.

Additional Resources

(og, ml)


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Design Principles: Compositional Flow And Rhythm


Retargeting, As Explained by Nerf Guns [PODCAST]

Here’s how to get better at retargeting, as explained by Nerf Guns. Image by Jake Sutton via Flickr.

Sometimes, your landing page visitors aren’t quite ready to convert. At least not yet. And that’s all right.

There isn’t much you can do to convince people who simply need more time, but there is a lot you can do to remind them that you exist and gently nudge them toward conversion.

Which is where retargeting comes in.

In this episode, we talk to Johnathan Dane about how retargeting can help you recapture those prospective customers that haven’t yet taken the plunge (but totally want to).

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How to retarget without weirding out prospective customers.
  • How an IRS company increase ROI 20 times over with retargeting.
  • What nerf guns can teach you about running a successful retargeting campaign.

Listen to the episode

Listen on iTunes.
Prefer Stitcher? We got your back.

Mentioned in the podcast

Link to article:

Retargeting, As Explained by Nerf Guns [PODCAST]


Three Award Winning A/B Test Cases You Should Know About

(This is a guest post, authored by Danny de Vries, Senior CRO Consultant with Traffic4U)

Every year, Conversion Optimizers around the world vie for the annual WhichTestWon Online Testing Awards, which are awarded by an independent organization situated in the USA. Anyone can enter the competition by submitting their A/B and multivariate test cases which are then reviewed and judged on multiple factors. The most interesting and inspiring cases are then eligible to win either a Gold, Silver or Bronze badge across a range of categories.

This year, twelve out of the thirty test case winners of the 6th annual international WhichTestWon Online Testing Awards are Dutch. With one golden award, two silver awards and an honorable mention, Traffic4u emerged as one of the strong pillars of the Dutch Optimization prowess. This blog covers our three award winning A/B test cases, starting with the golden award winner.

De Hypothekers Associatie: Users Need Guidance

The test case of De Hypothekers Associatie, the biggest independent mortgage consultancy service in the Netherlands, received a golden award in the category ‘Form Elements’. As a consultancy firm, they rely on advising clients about mortgages and other related financial decisions. However, before contacting a consultancy, users typically want to understand for themselves what their financial possibilities are regarding mortgages and buying of properties. So, a user who’s just begun exploring options is unlikely to contact De Hypothekers Associatie or check for an appointment.

Case Situation

In order to empower users to research the possibilities regarding mortgages, De Hypothekers Associatie created several pages on which users could calculate their maximum mortgage loan, monthly mortgage payments, etc. The experiment included the control page shown below, on which users could calculate their mortgage loan:

Translated Version Control


Previous A/B tests on the website of De Hypotheker Associatie clearly showed the need for guidance on the website, which was the result of testing call-to-action buttons. For instance, a button that said ‘Next step’ significantly outperformed other CTAs with copy like ‘Contact us’ and ‘Advise me’. This result implied two things:

  • Users want information in small digestible chunks
  • Users like to explore what lies ahead instead of being plainly told what the next step is

The follow-up action was to apply this insight to the calculation page, as the lack of guidance could potentially result in fewer mortgage appointments and paying clients.

The hypothesis was that users need to be guided through the process of calculating the maximum loan amount they could receive. The test variation of the “Loan calculation page” included a clear step-by-step flow guiding users through the calculation process. This was in stark contrast with the control situation that had a more simplistic flow. It was assumed that guiding users through the calculation process would lead to more calculations and hence, more appointments for the consultancy. The screenshot of the variant can be found below.

De Hypotheker Associatie - Variation for A/B test


Guiding customers through the loan-calculation process resulted in a significant uplift of more than 18% in terms of number of loan calculations on that particular page. Furthermore, the number of mortgage appointments also increased by more than 18%.

Why Do Users Need Guidance?

It goes without saying that mortgages are boring and complex. But it becomes a necessity when you are (or want to be) a home owner. Also, taking out a mortgage is a high stakes financial decision that isn’t typically made in a day without sufficient information. Because of this, people need advice on where to begin, what steps to undertake, what the possibilities are and what options suit their situation best. The test results show that including clear guidance on the steps to follow can result in a statistically significant uplift in conversion.

Fietsvoordeelshop: Display Customer Savings Prominently

In the category ‘Copy Test’, the A/B test of Fietsvoordeelshop received a Silver Award. Fietsvoordeelshop is one of the leading bike web-shops in the Netherlands offering an assortment of bikes from top brands for discounted prices.

Case Situation

The website lacked a prominently visible indication of the actual discount users would get on the different products. Discounts were displayed in an orange text right next to the big orange CTA button.

Control Image - for A/B Test


It was hypothesized that Fietsvoordeelshop was losing potential sales by not showing customer savings very effectively. We expected an increase in click-through-rate to the shopping cart by making the savings prominently visible. The discount, which was shown in orange text Uw voordeel: €550,00, was changed to a more visible green badge that contrasted with the orange CTA button (here’s more on the importance of contrast in design). See the variant below:

Variation Image - for A/B Test


Results showed that the variation outperformed the control with 26.3% statistically significant uplift in Shopping Cart entries. So it’s one thing to offer discounts on products, but unless the benefit clearly stands out, users are likely to miss it and never convert.

Follow-through and Stay Consistent

Although we found an increase in click-throughs to the shopping cart, we didn’t see this effect (or somewhat similar) in the checkout steps following the shopping cart entry. The reason for this could be that the discount badge was only shown on the pages before ‘add to shopping cart’ and not on the subsequent check out pages. In order to sustain the positive influence, it might be a good idea to retain the badge all the way through the checkout. However, it has to be tested if repeatedly showing the savings during the final steps in the checkout process leads to an increase in actual sales.

Omoda: Icons Perform Better (on mobile devices)

The second Silver Award Winning test case belongs to the Dutch shoe retailer Omoda. It came in second in the category ‘Images & Icons’. Omoda is one of the top shoe retailers in The Netherlands offering a range of shoes from world-class brands for women, men and kids. The case serves to show how important it is to segment your test results. Read more about visitor segmentation and how it can help increase website conversions.

Case Situation

Each of the Omoda product pages feature their unique selling points. While these were placed near the call-to-action Plaats in shopping bag and were definitely visible, we believed they weren’t visible enough. The Reasons?

  • The USPs appeared in a bulleted list, but it blended too well with other text on the page and did not command attention.
  • The page also included a big black area for customer service elements. Because the page was largely white, the black areas would get more attention, distracting users from the primary goal of the page – viewing shoe details and adding the product to the shopping bag.

Below is an image of the control version:

Omoda Control for Multivariate Test


The hypothesis was that addressing both these issues to make the USPs more visible would lead to an increase in sales. We created a Multivariate test which allowed us to test both assumptions – USPs aren’t visible enough and the black area is too distracting. All variations are shown below:

Combination 2

Omoda - Combination 2 for Multivariate Test Combination 2: changing the black color to a more neutral grey and moving the customer review rating to the top of the box

Combination 3

Omoda Combination 3 for Multivariate Test Combination 3: using icons and black text instead of grey text to let the USPs stand out better

Combination 4

Omoda Combination 4 for Multivariate Test Combination 4: using elements from combination-2 and combination-3


Overall results for this test told us that the hypothesis should be rejected; there was no convincing proof that any combination would perform significantly better or worse than the control situation. But, through segmentation we found that the hypothesis did work positively on mobile devices and resulted in a whopping 13.6% uplift in sales. Initially, the overall results seemed inconclusive because of a 5.2% drop in sales on desktop and tablet devices.

Users Behave Differently on Different Devices

The results of this test show the device-dependency of hypotheses and the effectiveness of using icons to make USPs stand out better. On the basis of this test, we recommend that you always segment test results to observe the effect of the hypothesis through different dimensions and not make blind decisions.

In the light of previous A/B tests, we believe that the reason why icons perform better on mobile is because desktop and tablet users are more likely to click on the prominent USPs — like terms of payment or delivery — in order to see more details. But, since the USPs aren’t clickable, desktop users would not able to get any additional information. This could irk potential buyers and get them to bounce away. On a mobile device however, with less screen real-estate and the device being less suited to opening multiple tabs, users are less likely to search for additional information.

Understand What Drives Your Visitors And Keep Testing

The above cases have one thing in common. No, it’s not the awards. The commonality is that in each of these cases, we were able to successfully ‘assume’ what drove website visitors. Research using data and/or user feedback told us that a certain effect was occurring. We put this understanding in the required perspective (depending on the type of website and/or product, device, seasonality, user flow etc.) and made certain assumptions about the possible causes for these effects. Then we used A/B and multivariate testing to check if our assumptions were correct. Testing, in fact, is all about learning from your website visitors.

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Three Award Winning A/B Test Cases You Should Know About