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8 Reasons Your Traffic Is Increasing But Not Your Conversions

Traffic and conversions. That’s what we want. And we usually start at the beginning, with traffic. I agree. Traffic is great. Have you ever logged into Google Analytics on a Monday morning and found a huge traffic spike waiting for you? That’s a fantastic feeling. But unless you’re a 16-year-old YouTuber with a fame complex, you’re not actually interested in traffic. You want conversions. You want to see increases on your income report, not just your Analytics display. But hold up. Doesn’t more traffic equal more conversions? Well technically, yes. I’m assuming your conversion funnel is good enough that a 30,000 increase in visitors…

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8 Reasons Your Traffic Is Increasing But Not Your Conversions

Marketing Optimization Week is coming! 4 Free Days of Advice From Experts in PPC, Automation, AI, and Strategy

Starting to feel like you’ve been working in overdrive to (maybe) bring in only half the leads you used to? Not to mention your paid budget seems to be climbing way outta hand?

Well, it’s definitely not just you. Marketing’s changing and it’s getting tougher to see strong results.

Two weeks ago Facebook tweaked it’s publisher settings, fewer advertisers can justify current CPCs in AdWords, and—while there’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence—how the heck can you make use of it today, exactly?

Fortunately you’re not alone, and we’ve got your back.

Learn new tactics at Marketing Optimization Week

Dedicated to helping you optimize your marketing, we’re hosting four days of FREE, tactical advice you can implement now to guarantee success in the future and get more results from your existing channels.

From February 20-23, you and your team can tune in to learn from major players in the marketing space with four daily sessions covering PPC, marketing automation, AI and marketing strategy tracks.

We don’t kid around with online events, and this is sure to be one of our best yet. Find the full agenda here, or read on for some highlights.

Learn how (and why) to kiss gated content goodbye with Drift’s David Gerhardt

February 22, 2018. Time: 3:00pm PST | 6:00pm EST | 5:00pm CST

David Gerhrdt – Director of Marketing at Drift

Breaking expectations can help your marketing thrive, and nobody knows this better than David Gerhardt – Director of Marketing at Drift. Having spent the last 6+ years working in SaaS companies including HubSpot and Constant Contact, he’ll reveal insight into Drift’s 2016 decision to do away with gated content and rely on conversations instead.

In this session, get a behind-the-scenes look at the impact the decision to remove forms has had on this leading SaaS business, and what it could mean for yours.

Improve Your AdWords Quality Score with Hanapin’s Jeff Baum and Diane Anselmo

February 22, 2018. Time: 9:00am PST | 12:00pm EST | 11:00am CST

Associate Director of Services, Diane AnselmoJeff Baum, Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing

You already know the importance of your quality score, but making significant improvements to it can be a challenge if you’re not sure where to start.

In this absolutely-don’t-miss session, Hanapin PPC experts Jeff Baum and Diane Anselmo walk you through some changes you can make to your landing pages today to positively impact your quality score.

Get clear on how to prep for AI with Microsoft’s Purna Virji

February 21, 2018. Time: 11:00am PST | 2:00pm EST | 1:00pm CST

Microsoft’s Senior Manager of Global Engagement, Purna Virji

At best, you know AI is already all around us, and at worst you think of it as something to fear. Hear from Microsoft’s Senior Manager of Global Engagement on how AI is going to shake up the industry (for the better) and how you can be ready.

Bringing over 15 years in search experience to the table, Purna’s an expert in SEO, everything Bing, and voice search. You’ll walk away with three critical steps you can take today to set yourself up for AI success.

Secure 10X Results Across Channels with Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey

February 23, 2018. Time: 9:00am PST | 12:00pm EST | 11:00am CST

founder of Mobile Monkey, Larry Kim

Self-professed unicorn obsessor Larry Kim is ready to show us all the magic of a unicorn campaign (campaigns so effective they perform in the top 1–3%).

In this session, learn the WordStream founder’s unusual tips and processes for getting 10-100x more value from paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Taboola and other networks, including how to drive exponentially more traffic to your content and convert more of those clicks into sales.

There’s something for everyone on your team

Above are just four of the sessions you can look forward to – there are four days(!) of carefully curated content to enjoy. Registration gets you access to:

  • The Google Ventures Sprint process via your host, Unbounce’s own Alexa Hubley
  • How to have your best year of email ever by Karen Gragg of Emma
  • How to get more out of your marketing tools via integrations by Sean Kennedy of Zapier
  • And much, much more.

Bonus: There’ll be a massive giveaway

During MOW we’re giving away the Ultimate Marketing Optimization kit. The package retails at over $4,000 and includes 2 tickets to Unbounce’s Call to Action Conference in August, a free year of Unbounce Premium, tons of swag, a printed copy of the Conversion Benchmark Report and more.

Here’s how you can gain more entries:

  1. Hop on over to the Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer and get a comprehensive analysis of your landing page based on nine specific performance categories.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your customized report and share on Twitter. Make sure to include the #marketingoptweek hashtag.

Best of luck, and we’ll see you February 20th to kick things off.

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Marketing Optimization Week is coming! 4 Free Days of Advice From Experts in PPC, Automation, AI, and Strategy

30 Unforgettable Landing Page Examples To Steal, Learn & Profit From

The landing page is probably one of the most important pages on your website. A slight change in your conversion rate could mean a world of difference between dying from panic or sipping a mojito at the beach. Yet… designing a high-converting landing page is tough. There are so many elements to get right: the copy, the design, the images, the structure, and so on. It’s overwhelmingly tough. The good news is — you don’t have to design landing pages from scratch. You can actually model other people’s landing pages. Find out what they did right, analyze what they can…

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30 Unforgettable Landing Page Examples To Steal, Learn & Profit From


[Case Study] Ecwid sees 21% lift in paid plan upgrades in one month

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What would you do with 21% more sales this month?

I bet you’d walk into your next meeting with your boss with an extra spring in your step, right?

Well, when you implement a strategic marketing optimization program, results like this are not only possible, they are probable.

In this new case study, you’ll discover how e-commerce software supplier, Ecwid, ran one experiment for four weeks, and saw a 21% increase in paid upgrades.

Get the full Ecwid case study now!

Download a PDF version of the Ecwid case study, featuring experiment details, supplementary takeaways and insights, and a testimonial from Ecwid’s Sr. Director, Digital Marketing.

By entering your email, you’ll receive bi-weekly WiderFunnel Blog updates and other resources to help you become an optimization champion.

A little bit about Ecwid

Ecwid provides easy-to-use online store setup, management, and payment solutions. The company was founded in 2009, with the goal of enabling business-owners to add online stores to their existing websites, quickly and without hassle.

The company has a freemium business model: Users can sign up for free, and unlock more features as they upgrade to paid packages.

Ecwid’s partnership with WiderFunnel

In November 2016, Ecwid partnered with WiderFunnel with two primary goals:

  1. To increase initial signups for their free plan through marketing optimization, and
  2. To increase the rate of paid upgrades, through platform optimization

This case study focuses on a particular experiment cycle that ran on Ecwid’s step-by-step onboarding wizard.

The methodology

Last Winter, the WiderFunnel Strategy team did an initial LIFT Analysis of the onboarding wizard, and identified several potential barriers to conversion. (Both in terms of completing steps to setup a new store, and in terms of upgrading to a paid plan.)

The lead WiderFunnel Strategist for Ecwid, Dennis Pavlina, decided to create an A/B cluster test to 1) address the major barriers simultaneously, and 2) to get major lift for Ecwid, quickly.

The overarching goal was to make the onboarding process smoother. The WiderFunnel and Ecwid optimization teams hoped that enhancing the initial user experience, and exposing users to the wide range of Ecwid’s features, would result in more users upgrading to paid plans.

Dennis Pavlina

Ecwid’s two objectives ended up coming together in this test. We thought that if more new users interacted with the wizard and were shown the whole ‘Ecwid world’ with all the integrations and potential it has, they would be more open to upgrading. People needed to be able to see its potential before they would want to pay for it.

Dennis Pavlina, Optimization Strategist, WiderFunnel

The Results

This experiment ran for four weeks, at which point the variation was determined to be the winner with 98% confidence. The variation resulted in a 21.3% increase in successful paid account upgrades for Ecwid.

Read the full case study for:

  • The details on the initial barriers to conversion
  • How this test was structured
  • Which secondary metrics we tracked, and
  • The supplementary takeaways and customer insights that came from this test

The post [Case Study] Ecwid sees 21% lift in paid plan upgrades in one month appeared first on WiderFunnel Conversion Optimization.

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[Case Study] Ecwid sees 21% lift in paid plan upgrades in one month

The Crazy Egg Guide to Google Search Console

These days, the first thing I do after setting up a new website is link it to Google Search Console. Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, this free resource from Google shows how the search giant crawls and indexes websites. It is invaluable for anyone needing to monitor: Their site’s performance in search results Content accessibility Malware and spam issues Frankly, anyone who has a website should use this excellent tool. If you’re not already using it, here’s how you can get started. Note: If you ever find this guide to be out-dated, please reach out to me on Twitter…

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The Crazy Egg Guide to Google Search Console


Free Webinar Today! 5 Simple Steps to Profit with Google AdWords

This FREE webinar will be extremely valuable to you if: You’re just getting started with Google AdWords You’re already advertising but you want to improve your results When Is It? Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 1pm Eastern. Here’s What This Free Webinar Will Do For You: You’ll learn how to identify the BEST keywords to advertise on, so you get more qualified leads and new customers (and avoid wasting money on irrelevant keywords or “tire kickers”). You’ll learn 2 key Campaign Settings that will instantly improve the quality of your traffic and help you generate more leads and customers from…

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Free Webinar Today! 5 Simple Steps to Profit with Google AdWords


How Sport Chek is getting more value out of their value proposition

Reading Time: 2 minutes

TL;DR Canada’s largest sporting goods retailer has a multi-faceted optimization program, but two recent tests revealed impactful insights about the company’s ‘Free Shipping’ value proposition. Read the full case study here.

The Company

Sport Chek is Canada’s largest national retailer of sporting goods, footwear and apparel. We partnered with Sport Chek just over a year ago and have been working together to optimize their e-­commerce experiences, with the goal of increasing conversions in the form of transactions.

While Sport Chek’s conversion optimization program is multi-faceted, two different tests recently revealed impactful insights about one of the company’s value propositions.

What is a value proposition?

Value proposition can be thought of as a cost versus benefits equation that shows your prospects’ motivation. But it’s all about perception: if your perceived benefits outweigh the perceived costs, your prospects will be motivated to act.

Motivation = Perceived Benefits - Perceived Costs

Michael St Laurent

All value propositions have varying degrees of value depending on how they’re interpreted and how they’re communicated. Your benefits hold different weight for different people―it’s all about finding out which of your benefits are perceived to be most important to your prospects.

Michael St Laurent, Optimization Strategist, WiderFunnel

The value of ‘Free Shipping’

Sport Chek offers free shipping on online orders over a certain dollar amount. Of course, offering some degree of free shipping is basically par for the course in today’s e-commerce world. It’s a Point of Parity―these are the features that are important to your prospects that you also share with your competitors (the basic entry requirements to the game).

The question in this case was: How can Sport Chek communicate this offer in a way that provides more value to their customers? How can they make this Point of Parity look like a Point of Difference​―a feature that’s important to the prospect and unique to your business.

Related: For more on Points of Parity, Points of Difference and Points of Irrelevance, check out Chris Goward’s post “U​se these 3 points to create an awesome value proposition​“.

In this case study, you’ll read about:

  • Two experiments, one on the cart page and one on the product page, that led to substantial lift for Sport Chek
  • An unexpected variable that revealed an insight about the company’s ideal ‘Free Shipping’ threshold

The results of these experiments showed that ‘Free Shipping’ is an extremely elastic value proposition point for Sport Chek. At varying “you-qualify-for-free-shipping” price points, there are major swings in user behavior.

In the past, their ‘Free Shipping’ offer was an under-utilized value proposition because it wasn’t being emphasized in the right way. Now, this value proposition point is more visible and being communicated with more clarity.

Read the full case study here

Learn more about how Sport Chek extracted more value from their value proposition. Read the full case study here.

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How Sport Chek is getting more value out of their value proposition


Tools And Resources For Editing, Converting And Optimizing SVGs

The power of SVGs lies in their flexibility to adapt to any size while remaining crisp and sharp. This makes them perfect for responsive web design and, since users can zoom in without sacrificing quality, meaningful from an accessibility-centered point of view.
To help you make best use of this potential and tackle SVGs the right way,s this article will provide you with tools and resources to simplify editing, converting, optimizing, and delivering SVGs.

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Tools And Resources For Editing, Converting And Optimizing SVGs

The Ultimate Guide to Running a Holiday Email Campaign [Free Ebook]


In 2014, 35% of holiday shoppers relied on promotional emails to keep track of all the sweet deals. Can your customers count on you to keep them informed? And when your customers do open and click your emails, are you sending them to the right place?

Eliminate the guesswork with The Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing + Landing Page Guide, a free ebook written by Unbounce and the email experts at Campaign Monitor. It’s packed with the essential advice for running a delightful – and delightfully-successful – holiday campaign.

In this free ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write subject lines that cut through the holiday chaos and make your message heard
  • Deliver personalized recommendations that encourage additional purchases
  • Craft high-converting landing pages for every single campaign
  • Ensure your content looks perfect on any device of any size

At 27 pages, you can finish reading it in the morning, plan your campaign in the afternoon, and reward yourself with some hot cocoa at night. (I recommend a dash of cayenne.)

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The Ultimate Guide to Running a Holiday Email Campaign [Free Ebook]

5 Ways Onsite Retargeting Can Supercharge Your A/B Testing Efforts

A/B testing is without doubt the poster-boy of conversion optimization methods. And if you are a regular reader of this blog, you are probably investing a lot of resources into your A/B tests.

Thanks to these efforts, a decent percent of your visitors might convert, but chances are that you are missing an even greater number. Is there a way to supercharge your results?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Although A/B testing is a great way to find your best message, it has its limits as well: you simply can’t communicate to everyone. You may find the message that resonates with the largest visitor segment, but there will be other segments that are not receptive to your primary message.

That’s where traditional retargeting comes into play: you target your abandoning (non-converting) visitors at a later time. It gives you a second chance to communicate to them — and to convince them.

But retargeting has its limits as well: you can only reach a limited percent of your abandoning visitors, and it costs you money – quite a lot in fact, and unless you’re a big brand with a healthy retargeting spend, it’s very likely that you aren’t reeling in all abandoning users.

What if I showed you a way to get a second chance to convert visitors BEFORE they left your site? What if I told you, that with onsite retargeting you can double your chances to convert, and you can try your second best message?

So What Is Onsite Retargeting?

We call the traditional, PPC based retargeting offsite retargeting — because you retarget visitors AFTER they’ve left your site.

But there are ways to get a second chance with your visitors BEFORE they leave your site – and second chances are rare in online marketing. What would a second page view mean for your optimization efforts?

Onsite retargeting is about monitoring the behaviour of your visitors, and if their behaviour indicates that they are about to leave your site, retargeting them with a secondary message at the right moment.

This message is usually presented in a special type of popup (it is usually referred to as exit-intent popups), but there are several other display formats available.

As a great example here you can see the onsite retargeting message Visual Website Optimizer is using on their website:

Onsite Retargeting - VWO
And when you click on YES:

Onsite Retargeting VWO - Form Field

What Kind of Behaviour Indicates User’s Exit Intent?

The most widely accepted indicator of exit intent is movement of the mouse. When a visitor moves the mouse out of the page with the ‘right’ speed and the ‘right’ velocity, your message should appear.

But you can use other engagement related metrics as well, like showing a popup based on time spent on page (are they browsing that page too long?), or scroll behavior (have they finished reading the content, and now scrolling back? It is especially useful in mobile browsers), etc. The best onsite retargeting platforms support several popup trigger events.

Now that you know what onsite retargeting is about, let’s see how you can use it to boost your A/B testing results.

#1: Target Multiple Customer Segments

The primary message to visitors is usually centered around selling, or some harder conversion, like requesting a quote. Which is justified, since you paid a lot to acquire them, and this is where you make your money, right?

Right, but most of your visitors will not be ready to buy (or even sign up for a free trial) the first time they visit your site. Why? Because a visitor could be in any stage of the buying process:

Buying Stages of Customer

Can you communicate to visitors in all stages? Not likely, but you can definitely double your chances with onsite retargeting. You can push your sales messages to visitors in more advanced stages (who are already considering buying a solution for their needs), and you can back this primary message up with onsite retargeting campaigns specifically designed to convert early-stage visitors.

As a B2B software solution Antavo.com has a complex value proposition, which makes converting early stage visitors into leads difficult. That’s why they promote an easier conversion goal (a free introductory guide) to early stage customers:

Popup For Early Stage Buyer

Everyone loves FREE. Offering a free giveaway as an incentive is a great way to get people to sign up for your subscriber list. It’s a direct application of Cialdini’s principle of reciprocity — by giving something for free, a user is much likelier to return the favor by sharing his contact details. An ebook is one of the best free giveaways.

#2: Improve User Eperience

Optimizing for conversion often means that you have to push your offers in a more intrusive manner than you feel comfortable with. For example, you have to emphasize your lead magnet and your subscription box on your blog – but let’s admit that does not usually add to user experience. When you have to make a choice between user experience and conversions, picking one is never easy.

You must be thinking: right, and how will a popup help with that? The words ’pop-up’ and ’better user experience’ are rarely used together. We are used to annoying popups, which jump up at just the worst moment, blocking our view of the actually relevant content.

Well, onsite retargeting can help with that. First of all, the retargeting message will be triggered at just the right moment.  After all it will be shown when the visitor has just finished reading, and is about to leave your site – you are not distracting them while they are still browsing.

Plus, onsite retargeting allows you to optimize the original content better for user experience. You can make that subscription box a little less loud, and show your offer in an eye-catching format when visitors are about to leave.

You can also use onsite retargeting to forward visitors to other content that may interest them. This way you can have multiple opportunities to get that conversion. For example udemy.com uses onsite retargeting to promote their most popular categories:

Redirect to More Relevant Content - Udemy

Is this kind of message annoying for an engaged visitor? Not likely. Can it help you? Sure it can: you can redirect your visitors to your best content, and increase the chance of converting them.

#3: Redirect Users to Most Optimized Pages

You might have hundreds of landing pages (or regular pages) with significant traffic, but chances are you do not have the resources to optimize all these pages to the same level. More than likely there are a few top pages that you concentrate your optimization energies on.

Onsite retargeting can help you there as well: you can redirect abandoning visitors to these most optimized pages.

Bitninja, a leading server-security startup uses onsite retargeting to push users towards their most optimized sign up page (for free trial).

Redirect to Best Optimized Pages

Using onsite retargeting they increased the number of trial users by 65%.

#4: Personalize Display Messages

You have lots of visitor segments and customer groups, and they don’t respond the same way to each message. You should try to communicate messages that are relevant to the particular segment.

You can do that with onsite retargeting campaigns. Digital Marketer promotes the most relevant giveaway to each visitor of theirs.

If their visitor is interested in Facebook advertising? They show them a Facebook-related lead magnet:

Onsite Retargeting - Example

Are they interested in blogging? Show them a blogging related content:

Another Instance of Onsite Retargeting

And if they know nothing about the visitor’s interest? A universally relevant message is shown:

Without Segmentation - Generic Message

#5. Double A/B Testing Opportunities

Who told you that you can only test the primary message? You can test your onsite retargeting messages as well, and essentially double your test opportunities.

Conversific.com tested two different headlines in their onsite retargeting message, and the winner variation outperformed the other by 47 percent.

A/B Testing Popup Headlines

Is Onsite Retargeting For You?

If you are serious about improving conversions, then onsite retargeting is a great option to look into.

You want to use an onsite retargeting solution that allows you to easily set up and test different ideas without the need of coding. With the right software setting up your onsite retargeting campaigns can be done in hours, or in days at maximum if you have a more complex website with lots of different messages to communicate.

When done correctly, onsite retargeting will help you make your A/B testing efforts more effective by recovering users before they abandon your page, and giving you a second chance to convert them.

It’s your time to tell us now. Have you used onsite retargeting and how was your experience? Share your views, let’s all head back home a little wiser.

(Note: This is a guest post authored by Csaba Zajdo, founder of Optimonk, an award winning onsite retargeting platform.)

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5 Ways Onsite Retargeting Can Supercharge Your A/B Testing Efforts