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How To Internationalize Your WordPress Website

On September 30th, 2017, the international WordPress community united for 24 hours to translate the WordPress ecosystem. For the third time, #WPTranslationDay fused an all-day translating marathon with digital and contributor day events designed to promote the value of creating accessible experiences for global users, better known as “localization”.
As an open-source community, we should all strive to localize our open-source contributions. Before you can transcribe your digital assets though, you have to internationalize your codebase.


How To Internationalize Your WordPress Website

Filling Up Your Tank, Or How To Justify User Research Sample Size And Data

Jen is presenting her research report to a client, who runs an e-commerce website. She conducted interviews with 12 potential users. Her goal was to understand the conditions under which users choose to shop online versus in store. The client asks Jen why they should trust her research when she has spoken to only 12 people. Jen explains her process to the client. She shares how she determined the sample size and collected and analyzed her data through the lens of data saturation.

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Filling Up Your Tank, Or How To Justify User Research Sample Size And Data

How To Make WordPress Hard For Clients To Mess Up

WordPress is a wonderfully powerful CMS that ships with many versatile features giving it the flexibility to work out of the box for a wide range of users. However, if you are a professional building custom themes and plugins, sometimes these features can be problematic. The same features and options that allow off-the-shelf themes to adapt to many different use cases can sometimes also be used to undermine a carefully designed custom theme built for a specific use case.

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How To Make WordPress Hard For Clients To Mess Up

8 Mobile-Friendly Landing Page Templates Designed With Love

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These mobile-friendly landing page templates were designed just for you, with love. Image source.

You want your page to look professional and modern, but are you getting lost in the aesthetics and losing sight of the true goal: conversions? You need a balance of both, and we want to help.

For the second year in a row, Unbounce has teamed up with our friends at ThemeForest to offer designers a chance to show off their best landing page designs. We put up $14,000 in prize money and put out the call for designers to give us their best in 13 different categories.

We’re sharing seven of the winning landing page templates right here!

Find out why we thought these were the best in their categories, and discover which elements they contain that will help you get more conversions. Make sure you read on to learn more about the secrets to high-converting landing page design.

1. Mediclick

Designer: Surjith Ctly
Prize: Best Medical Template


The minimalist design of this Mediclick template provides the means to deliver a consistent message. The sections are broken up nicely, and the map on the bottom is especially helpful in providing much-needed location context. Not to mention the blazingly obvious call to action (CTA)!

They’ve also included a CTA towards the bottom that scrolls back up to the top of the form when clicked. This is a great addition for readers who might require a little more convincing before they click.

There are two variations of this template to choose from, one with the form and CTA above the fold, the other with those elements directly below it. Test both to find out which one works best for your audience.

2. Donate

Designer: Ewebcraft
Prize: Best Nonprofit Template


This landing page template for nonprofits by Donate starts out with a strong and very compelling header section.

The visually distinct sections allow you to guide your visitor’s eye through a clear and linear narrative. The stats section is a very nice touch here and could go a long way towards helping readers understand why they should donate to your cause or organization.

Would we add anything? Maybe a “Donate Now” button at the bottom to give readers another chance to convert. Other than that, this is a solid landing page template that is sure to help do a lot of good.

3. QuickTravel

Designer: Nasirwd
Prizes: Best Travel Template, Best Lead Generation Template


Finding great landing pages in the travel industry isn’t easy. They’re as rare as a tropical vacation with no sunburn.

This travel landing page is focused on one goal, with just one CTA on the page. It does a great job of conveying the magic of going on a trip — even without any real copy there I’m ready to pack my bags!

Vacations are expensive, and people might need a little more convincing to reduce their anxiety about the high price tag. To counter that, this template provides sections devoted to describing the benefits of the offer and allows for the addition of large images and videos.

It’s not every day that you get to see a landing page that is both beautiful to look at and laser-focused on conversion. This page has both of those things in spades.

4. Flat Vault

Designer: creativeCary
Prize: Best Multi-Purpose Template


I love this Flat Vault landing page! It uses a trendy and modern aesthetic while incorporating a lot of core conversion rate optimization concepts. Sometimes too many colors can be distracting, so you can appreciate the minimal color palette on this page.

The headline is clear and easy to read. The form stands out enough to get people to pay attention to it, and the CTA button jumps out at you like a red spot on a white shirt (in a good way). You may want to test that CTA button with a fourth color, just to see if you can get it to contrast more with the rest of the page.

There’s a well laid-out spot to add a video and a few very catchy icons that add a nice design element without being too distracting. This page is also mobile responsive and collapses nicely to reach those mobile customers everyone keeps talking about these days.

5. Explore

Designer: Xvelopers
Prize: Best Updated Template


This section includes landing pages that were updated in the last year. They may have added a mobile responsive element, or undergone a complete overhaul. Either way, the winner this year is this outstanding travel landing page template.

If you’re going to convince someone to go somewhere, you’re going to want to show them some nice, big aspirational images like the one at the top of this landing page. The first section below the fold, which grabs your eye immediately, is a great place to include the three quick benefits.

The page also gives you clear contrast between the three sections. They’re not just cookie cutter boxes, and each of them stands on its own. And the most important aspect? The CTA remains consistent throughout.

6. iStartup

Designer: Xstyler
Prize: Best SaaS Trial Signup Template


This landing page has a lot of great stuff going for it. Above the fold, you’ve got space for a hero shot, a nice big headline and your value prop, with a form and CTA thrown in for good measure.

If you’re using this template, you may want to test the ghost button against a regular CTA button with more contrast. Ghost buttons look cool, but everyone I’ve talked to that has used them says that contrasting buttons work better every time.

That said, the rest of the page makes great use of whitespace for readability and includes another appropriately placed CTA button to convert readers who went all the way down the page.

7. Avira

Designer: Xknothing
Prize: Best Real Estate Template


Having researched real estate in a couple of different cities, I can tell you two things about real estate landing pages. First, they’re often not actual landing pages. Second, they often look like they were built using AngelFire in 1998.

Not this real estate landing page template, though! This page is a breath of fresh air that provides enough room for your content to breathe. The fonts are well chosen and the style is modern. And there’s plenty of space to add photos and entice someone to contact you about that special property.

The use of the testimonial above the fold is a bit unorthodox, but it’s crazy enough that it just might work! In the Conversion Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Copywriting, Joanna Wiebe says the following:

[The] testimonial is a marketing message – but it’s far more powerful than regular marketing copy because you’re not the one saying it.

This is a great way to get people interested based on some social proof right away. Nice touch!

8. Flare

Designer: Morad
Prize: Best Startup Template


There’s something very exciting about promoting a startup. You want the world to know all about what you do, and you want to tell them everything.

The problem is, you can’t tell them everything. You need to emphasize what makes you unique – and this template has a big section above the fold to help you show off your hero shot, your catchy headline and your value prop.

There are two separate sections for feature lists to help people understand what you’re all about. Use one or both, and take advantage of the minimal space for copy by keeping your messages brief.

Providing great-looking spots for social proof and a few factoids about your startup are also a nice touch.

A bright future for landing page design

All in all, what we saw this year was that landing page designers are becoming a lot more savvy about conversion centered design. Very few designers appear to be going for form over function, and it’s encouraging to know that Unbounce customers have such a great field of landing page templates to choose from.

Congratulations to the winners, and to the many designers who took the time to show us their best. You can find all of these templates and a whole lot more in the Unbounce landing page template section over at the Themeforest marketplace.

Which landing page template is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


8 Mobile-Friendly Landing Page Templates Designed With Love

How To Build A Custom WordPress Archive Page

If I were to ask you what the least used default page type in WordPress is, chances are you’d say the archive template. Or, more likely, you’d probably not even think of the archive template at all — that’s how unpopular it is. The reason is simple. As great as WordPress is, the standard way in which it approaches the archive is far from user-friendly.
Let’s fix that today! Let’s build an archive page for WordPress that’s actually useful.

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How To Build A Custom WordPress Archive Page

How To Choose A WordPress Theme

Economists have taught us that a lot of choice is not always a good thing. Having many options can lead to “analysis paralysis” and a feeling of being overwhelmed, due to the increased effort required and the level of uncertainty in making the right choice.
With a nearly unlimited pool of WordPress themes to choose from, it becomes so easy to feel overwhelmed and resort to inaction or choosing a low-quality theme.

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How To Choose A WordPress Theme

How To Create A Twitter Widget

Twitter needs no introduction. It has become the way to reach audiences for some people and companies and a place to hang out for others. Placing a Twitter feed on one’s website has almost become compulsory. Embedding a feed isn’t all that difficult if you are comfortable with Twitter’s default widget, but making your own will enable you to blend it into your website seamlessly.

The Result The result of our effort will be a WordPress widget that can be placed in a widgetized sidebar.

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How To Create A Twitter Widget

Tips And Tricks For Testing WordPress Themes

Whether you offer free or premium themes, testing should be a major part of your development process. By planning in advance, you can foster a development environment that deters some bugs by design and that helps you prevent others. The aim of this article is to share some of the tricks I use personally during and after development to achieve a bug-free product.
This article is split into three distinct sections:

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Tips And Tricks For Testing WordPress Themes

Practical Tips From Top WordPress Pros

Recently I shared with you some advice from the WordPress community to beginners. But what if starting out is already a dim memory? What if you’re already so immersed in the world of WordPress that you dream of Trac and you bore your partner with talk of your latest achievement with custom post types?
Below are some tips from WordPress pros from across the community. Many of the tips cover development, but there’s also advice on business, running your website and, of course, getting involved with the community.

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Practical Tips From Top WordPress Pros

The WordPress Customizer – A Theme Developer’s Guide

In case you missed it, release 3.4 included a very exciting new development: the WordPress Customizer for Themes. This allows users to tweak theme settings using a WYSIWYG interface and customize the theme so it includes the colors, fonts, text — and pretty much anything else — they want.

WordPress 3.4 allows you to make extensive customizations to a theme, including colors, fonts, and text.
The purists out there may be throwing their hands up in horror — a WYSIWYG interface!

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The WordPress Customizer – A Theme Developer’s Guide